Street Fashion – SF – Afterparty – Pinups

Posted: November 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

I loved taking this series of photos. The chemistry between these two is honest and beautiful. Their body-positive sexiness is authentic and obvious. I feel that body shame is insidious and I celebrate the rebellion against body-shame that I see among the SF queer womens community.
Further, I see a strong relationship between body-positive and fat-positive movements and the position of the male-bodied genderqueer. I feel that straight male body-shame is a huge foundation for the regime of the gender-binary. We too (at least in America) are brought up to wear formless and colorless potato sack clothing. I also walk into stores stores and find that the nice shoes (the womens) are not ordered in my size. Before I had confronted the straight male shame involved with shopping in the womens section, I had no options for dressing in a sexy or colorful way. I had to redefine my attitudes toward gender and gender shame before I could be sexy.
We are all body rebels now! Body rebels of the world unite and cast off your chains!


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