A sexy man in Oakland

Posted: November 25, 2008 in Uncategorized

Chip outside of the Rock, Paper Scissors Collective. Chip is male identified and sexy as hell. I have run into quite a number of male identified, male-bodied guys who dress in a sexy way with definite femme elements. It seems like genderqueer fashion without a queer gender identity. I think it is great.
This look contrasts with the reigning queer look in the Castro, which is kind of masculine and frat boy inspired. Most outfits look like they are either from the Gap or Brooks Brothers. The colors fall within the holy trinity of gray black and brown. The message? Hetero-normative, we are just like you, we do not know how to dress either.Riki Wilchins has suggested taht the gay movement gained mainstream acceptance by giving up the right to be femme. She posits that men being feminine was violating a greater taboo than same-sex sex. So faggy, feminine fashion has dried up in the Castro. Down with creativity!


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