Jasper’s Fashion Evolution: Part I

Posted: November 25, 2008 in Uncategorized

Here is another variation on the black tights/leggings with hotpants theme. The look is ok, but I am bored with it. I came up with this combination early in my gender transition (I am talking about an identity transition, I am not currently planning on taking estrogen). It is kind of undercover genderqueer. The tights and hotpants are somewhat feminine, the mustache definitely is not feminine. The tights are black and not transparent, which is relatively inconspicuous. Overall, the black tights and shorts give a circus feeling, maybe it is even a circus gender if I am using the genderqueer point of view.
Interestingly, my internal sense of gender is changing quickly. Over the past year I have shifted along the following vector:

(1) fashionable, straight male
(2) straight queer freak
(3) feminine male
(4) genderqueer
(5) queer trans

If I look at this photo from 12 days ago. I already feel that it does not express my current identity. 12 days! that is insane.

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