Jasper’s Fashion Evolution: Part II

Posted: November 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

Here is another combination of black tights and shorts. I like it. The gym shorts make it very non-controversial. I feel comfortable wearing this all around town.

Returning to the theme of my last post, my fashionable, straight male period began while I lived in Holland around 2000. Corporate male fashion is much less repressive there. I started dressing in a body-positive manner, with very fitted silhouettes. I bought funky euro-eyeglasses and got a funky youthful hairstyle at the punk hairdresser. My straight girlfriend helped learn how to shop. But, she was also uncomfortable with my journey. From the first time I bought tight jeans with a tiny bit of spandex. They made my ass look great and made me feel sexy. It was my first experience with body positivity. It was also my first with a straight girlfriend dumping shame on me. I heard the refrain “that makes you look gay” many times. My confidence was not great enough to shake it off, so I ended up not wearing my jeans, and eventually gave them away.
Later back in San Francisco, my new straight girlfriend was even more hostile. She preferred the slobby, two sizes too large hoodie look, and called my look Euro-fag. I was less susceptible, but body shame is complex, and I did not stray too far.


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