Street Fashion – SF- Tenderloin – The Gangway

Posted: November 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

Olivia was one of the DJ’s at Ships in the Night. Her use of red is daring.
The dancing was pretty good. It was fun to flirt with the other queer girls on the dancefloor. I found the other girls very direct about expressing interest. I find this a contrast with straight flirting, which seems to revolve around the male pursuing the passive female. I am not saying that this old script is always followed, but it is always there somewhere in the background, or in the judgments that other heteros might make towards aggressive females. My absolute favorite flirt is when a girl puts her arm around my waist in a solid, reassuring way and pulls me toward them a little bit. It is as if she were saying “Come here honey. I will protect you.” Three girls have done this, and it gives me butterflies. The nonverbal message I get is, “You can let down your defenses sweetie. You do not need to be strong. I will be strong for both of us.” This touches me to the core. I have waited decades for someone to touch me that way. In straight relationships I could refuse to play the chivalrous role, but that is completely different than being the object of chivalry.


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