Street Fashion – SF – Tenderloin

Posted: November 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

The Ships in the Night party at the Gangway was great. A majority of the crowd seemed to be queer girls, but a few of us transwomen and some queer guys were hanging out too. Radical Queer, Dirty Queer whatever label you want to make up. I would call the crowd post-lesbian. It is a queer girl scene which is trans-positive and open to all of us outsiders.
Rob’s outfit was typical of us male-bodied patrons. We were all playing with gender it seemed.
The thigh high socks combined with hotpants looks very transgressive. This collar (boat cut?) is definitely feminine. I think the hairy shoulders makes the look campy. Which is great.
The subject of hairy trannies has occupied me as of late. Part of me likes to see a genderfuck, for instance a tranny with a beard or hairy chest. However, a number of queer girls have told me that they are turned off by facial or chest hair. It seems like the hair is a powerful semiotic of masculinity and it creates cognitive dissonance when combined with feminine semiotics like bare shoulders or lipstick.
An old-school lesbian told me recently “If you want to be attractive to lesbians you have to get rid of the facial hair”. She wanted to pop my cherry, but she wanted me to be more of a girl. Genderqueerness makes many people uncomfortable, whether gay or straight.

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