The Gangway: Part V

Posted: November 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

These two are doing performance art. What are they saying to us?
Queer culture is fun. Three months ago I was part of a couple of straight dance scenes. Then I walked through the looking glass. Now I am undergoing a second adolescence, where I learn how to navigate this new queer social landscape and I am simultaneously finding out what it is to be a women in our society.
I have started finding out about the shadow side of being a female. When I first went out with tights on I found out that having straight men lust after you feels different than being hit on by queer men. Gay men begin an interaction with me. They flirt or talk. Straight men will just stare at my legs and go into a phermone-hazed trance state with a slight grin. I will be talking to a woman and her male friend will be standing there staring and giving off this creepy lecherous energy. On one level it feels like being violated. I have not consented to this. On another level, there is a slight thrill to wielding this power over someone. This is not something I have experienced before.
Girls grow up in this world with creepy older men.
Would these guys be so open with their lust if I were a girl. Why do they think I won’t tell their friends? They would be fucked. One thing that occurs to me, is that I do not simply switch in their minds from being a man to a girl. I become easy in their minds. I become truly sexually objectified.

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