Jasper in Boy Drag

Posted: December 2, 2008 in Uncategorized

I am interested in what my dating pool thinks about body hair and about sexiness in general. That would be queer women who like femme girls. It is hard to figure out, because no one likes making generalizations, but generalizations are a decent place to start. From feedback from a femme oriented girls I got the impression that they would prefer feminine signifiers on the male bodied; a girly hat, earrings, makeup, and the less body/facial hair the better. Basically the girls I talked to would want me to look like a girl. The more the better. Although, much to my delight these girls also love tall women. I had always thought that my height would be a drawback if I were a Tranny. In the sense that I would never pass. Instead it makes me a sexier Tranny. Thank you for small favors.
The look in this photo is ‘boy drag.’ I find it fun and a little genderqueer. But, like the skinny jeans earlier. I am doing less of this in favor of a more straightforward feminine look.

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