Tingle Tangel II

Posted: December 2, 2008 in Queer Fashion Pictures

I like this Parisian streetwalker look. She looks very sexy hanging out at the Tingle Tangel cabaret show. Headbands and hats are nice drag accessories. I find them a slightly more subliminal way of signifying the feminine than wearing a wig. The cut up leggings are an interesting DIY. Notice the choice to leave leg hair. How does that effect you, do you find it less/more sexy and why do you think that is?

I personally am neutral. I Naired my whole body right before Burning Man. A symbolic act. Of course, I left it on far too long, and gave myself a slight all-over acid burn. I loved my bare legs. I was less comfortable with the bare chest and arms. I found very quickly that most of my straight girl friends were uncomfortable with my legs. The hairless legs made my friends anxious.
The ones that told me my legs were sexy were straight men.


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