Jasper’s Circus Gender

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

Here I am with beautiful L. She has photo magic. Every shot of herworks. This is my only shot of the outfit I wore to Trannyfest.

In October I went to a transgender film festival called trannyfest. The crowd was filled with trans-friendly dykes, FTM’s and a smattering of MTF’s like myself. This is the scene that I called post-lesbian. Genderqueer would be a good name too, except that most of the people I see were born with innies rather than outies. Female gender (past, present, or future) seems to be a part of what binds this group of people.
There has been a lot of transitioning the past few years among San Francisco’s butch dykes. A lot of butches decided transition to men or to genderqueer. I see them everywhere in SF. They seem to be a big part of the genderqueer scene.
The girls I have talked to feel that the scene is inclusive and the male-bodied are welcome, but they just are not showing up. That feels like a huge opportunity for outreach. One woman I met said that she was the first male-bodied person she had met that identified as genderqueer.
I talked to a beautiful MTF at trannyfest about this. Her take is that MTF mostly are not interested in being out or in being genderqueer. Once they transition they want to in the closet. There is a huge irony for you. Most FTM’s can pass as men, especially if they get top-surgery (have their breasts removed). They can pass and do not always decide to. Most MTF’s have a lot more trouble, many will never be able to pass. And yet that is the obsession. MTF’s do not appear as interested in mixing gender, in coming out and being part of the queer/trans community.

  1. olla says:

    I love her lips

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