Badlands: part I

Posted: December 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

I am playing with a Femme edge here. This is the long shirt/dress with tights and leg warmers. I really hate this photo. But, we learn from our mistakes.
Positives: The dress has a tight fit, which makes it young and urban. Loose skirts and dresses make me look matronly. There is a place for “grannie drag” but it should be an intentional decision.
I am happy with the tights/leggings combination with leg warmers. The warmers break up the silhouette, making the tights less the focus. They are also warm, and give a new area where you can play with color and texture. I like the dangly earrings too.
Negative: The pink is light and the purple is dark. They do not interact well even though pink and purple work great together.
Also, the hat (and facial hair) is way too masculine for the rest of the outfit.

This was the first time I went out on the town in “femme drag.” I had been to house parties in femme drag, but never just around town. In retrospect, the outfit is still very masculine in spite of the dress. I had committed to drag from the neck down. The hat and the facial hair keep it in the realm of the genderfuck.
My intention was to go out and flirt with queer girls. The femme drag was an experiment. Anton and I ended up in the Queer men’s dance club, the Badlands. There are always a few girls hanging out.
First amazing discovery of the evening, the queer men were very respectful when I was in femme drag. When I went in my leggings and hotpants, I would get stalked on the dance floor. In drag, I got left alone by the boys. Thank you, again, for small favors.

  1. Audrey says:

    I think you are extraordinary! I am so inspired by your page and by who you are in this world. I am totally in love with you! I feel like I AM being represented here and I’m not even in your gallery! THANK YOU. I hope to see the pic’s I took a Cafe Gratitude up very soon.

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