Badlands: part II

Posted: December 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

Anton and I played with a lightpost on the way home from the gangway.

I did get flirted with at the badlands. She put her arm around around my shoulder with a tender intimacy as she passed in the crowd. My whole insides turned to jelly. It feels so tender. I tried to explain this before but it may just be an experiential thing. Queer women touch me with a trust and compassion that I have have not received since I transition from child to male. I feel as though my mother must have held me with that touch. Somehow this touch never manifested in my straight relationships. Was I unable to receive it because I was trying to pass as masculine, an/or were the straight girls unable to give it. Was I able to give this touch? I do not think so.

  1. olla says:

    I love your leopard tights, did you say you got them at burning man?

  2. Jasper Gregory says:

    I got them for Burning Man. I found them at a store on Haight Street called Clobba. One of the buyers has great taste there. These are really thick and durable. I have seen the cheapie kind at Multikulti. I also heard that sexshops on market street are a good place to look.

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