Badlands: part III

Posted: December 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

I met these two girls at Ladies night at the the Bar on Castro. They were from Paris. I love the outfits and I love the radical dyke attitude. I can make a series called ‘Fuck You!.’ I already have two Gangway shots for the series.

The girl at the Badlands introduced herself. She asked if Anton was “taken.” She said she was interested in Anton, but she flirted with me and melted me into a puddle. Every time she touched my shoulder or kissed me on the cheek, my body was awash with a strange feeling, like vertigo. I have never felt this way with either queer men or straight women, and now it seems like queer women can turn me to mush with a tender caress. I have said it before. Transitioning feels like going through puberty again, even without hormones. Only this time I am experienced what it is to become the femme gender.

Quick note (I think mainstream thinking may be attributing too much power to hormones. I am changing by being enculturated into the radical queer community. Gender is a social practice. Many things are shifting within me that surprise me greatly.)


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