Street Fashion – Oakland – ArtMurmer – Mutant Vintage

Posted: December 8, 2008 in Queer Fashion Pictures

I shot these three at ArtMurmer, the Oakland First Friday art event. They represent a different stream in Bay Area fashion, This is the raw Oakland vintage look. These are the young innovators. They are bold and daring. They play with texture, and color. Their compositions use dissonance as much as harmony.

  1. Taylor says:

    That doesn’t seem so radical to me…the vintage pastiche look has been round since the 80s. Very ‘My So Called Life’ ala 1990.

  2. Jasper Gregory says:

    I guess, radical is a matter of definition. What I like is the innovation of mixing fabrics textures and styles. I find that this look ignores larger narratives of what fashion is. To paraphrase Gilles Deleuze badly, I would say that these is an immanent form of fashion in that it does not rely on external fashion narratives.
    I think it can be original even even the concept that you are calling vintage pastiche has been around since the eighties.

  3. Taylor says:

    Deleuze? Dude, seriously? c’mon, where have you been? This is pretty typical hipster fashion…and no amount of philosophical posturing is gonna change that. This was an interesting and edgy look back when Exene was doing it, but now its just conformity, and has been for at least ten years. It’s fine to like what they’re wearing, but don’t act like Livingston discovering the dark continent.

  4. Jasper Gregory says:

    I just see it differently I guess. I find a lot of Hipster fashion conformist. Skinny black jeans, hoodie, etc.
    I find Oakland style fascinating. Within the local fashion scene I find it the most exciting and innovative, although I like the gutter punk stuff as well.
    Excuse the hyperbole though. This is not the dark continent, but it is a local. It is creative. And I love it.

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