Jasper with a new friend: ArtMurmer part IV

Posted: December 10, 2008 in Queer Fashion Pictures

I love her skirt, she sewed together three very different prints. I look like a store mannequin. For some reason I find these shear tights very sexy, and more feminine than my other tights. Note how switching to a feminine hat changes the whole look. In this outfit I present as feminine and and people interact with me very differently.

I started wearing femme drag around town one week ago. It has been an amazing experience. I was afraid to take the step, but it has been a very sweet experience. I was nervous at first. Some part of me expected the sky to fall in. The first surprise was that I was ignored. Everyone seemed to interact normally. I am out in town, expressing my femme nature, but when I order a coffee i just get a coffee, no hassle. There is definitely more curiosity, but it is a gentle attention.
One extremely interesting thing is that women started to initiate and hold eye contact. I feel that as a straight man, women would avert their gaze if I ‘caught’ them looking. I would do the same. Now instead we smile at each other. I am guessing that it is because they perceive me as more femme. I think the boundaries between women are more permeable than those between hetero men and women. I had noticed how dykes touched so sweetly when flirting. Now I found that eye contact and touch are also less charged with straight women now that I am clearly presenting as femme.
A number of women have reached out and said hello. It has been so sweet. I talked to some of them about my blog and my gender transition. I have made a few friend dates. I even made a girly date. I am getting together with a new friend we are going to make christmas presents together. In some ways I feel that San Francisco has never been friendlier to me.


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