Posted: December 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

Purples and blues with knickerbockers. I like this look. It pushes a femme edge and yet not. When I pulled the shoulder down Jules said it looked like I had had a hard night out.
Knickers are an interesting garment. In the twenties Sears Roebuck catalogs sold unisex outfits for both boys an girls. They both wore knickers and long stockings.
I have seen many butch girls in San Francisco playing with the twenties newsboy look. They are tapping into an interesting period of Modernist gender experimentation.

I have borrowed the terms butch and femme from lifestyle experiments in the dyke community. I like the terms because they connote the social role and behavioral aspects of masculinity and femininity without biological pseudo-science ideas about gender.
There is no contradiction in inherent in a female butch or a male femme. I consider myself male-butch to male-femme rather than male-to-female. I have very little butch in me and did not make a good one. I am much better at being a femme. The role suits me. I am lucky to be in San Francisco though. Openly being a male femme makes me a target. Even in San Francisco, transgendered people are shot every year for being out.

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