Jasper: tingle tangel

Posted: December 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

I wore it to tingle tangel on Thanksgiving eve.This is one of my favorite outfits up until now. I think the legwarmers soften the silhouette of the leggings, and make the leggings less prominent. I like the balance of the yellow with the patterned red. I may switch out the hat next time.

Like I said in one of my last posts, a complex outfit like this no longer has a clear gender. How butch is it? How femme?

Wearing leggings without a garment covering my ass feels fairly racy, but I see a lot of girls doing it around town. A male-body has the added factor of an “unsightly bulge” in front. I was scandalized when a friend told me that she always checks out a man’s package. First she checks out his eyes then she checks out his package.
Other women I have talked to have indicated mild to extreme interest in male packages. This is ironic, I knew that queer men often emphasized their bulges and some butch dykes ‘pack’ silcone bulges but I had a story that women generally found the sight abhorant. My package showing would always cause me extreme embarrassment.
However, I wanted to play with the ‘almost naked’ look of leggings. I love flaunting my bootie so I have had to deal with my body shame around my package. So far so good. I feel that this is analogous to the sixties when women became more flexible about wearing bras and revealing the shape of their breasts and nipples. The male penis is just as natural as female breasts. There is no good reason for repression.
Being a male femme is political. We are embracing the shapes of our bodies and feeling empowered to be sexy. I believe that gender roles will remain oppressive for females as long as males remain caged in their gender roles.

  1. olla says:

    omg, i love your pack!!!

  2. earnestin says:

    I bookmarked your blog, thanks for sharing this very interesting post

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