Femme on Femme

Posted: December 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

I blogged before about the irony of A. giving me the space to be a girl inside and yet resisting me becoming more of a girl on the outside. When A. read my post she said “What about my irony?.”
“Your irony?” I asked.
“My Irony. I stopped dating women because I want to be with men. Then what happens? I end up with a girl again.”
I laughed and laughed. “Ya your right, your irony beats my irony any day.”
That was a while ago. We are still dating. Last week she told me that the relationship would fail because it is “femme on femme.” “Femme on femme does not work for me.”
I asked “It does not work just for you or for anyone?”
“It should not work for anyone. It’s like butch on butch. It’s a waste.” Another
Her friends tease her about her femme on femme relationship. One of them calls me A.’s “femme lover Jasmine.”
Apparently she had decided years ago that two femmes could not form a sustainable relationship. The energy is wrong or something like that. I do not know if it is impossible, but it can be problematic. We often both want to be the girl. We both want to be bottom in bed.

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