The male bosom : Tingle Tangel VIII

Posted: December 26, 2008 in Uncategorized for more blog posts.

This femme has a lot going on. Lashes, monocle and pasties. She is obviously fucking with the observer. Is she saying "Take me I am yours"?

She gives us the opportunity to ponder the male body, the male bosom in particular. Womens fashion often plays with exposing parts of upper body. The neck, bare shoulders, the back, the curve of the the breasts, and of course cleavage.
Our girl does not have much cleavage but she does have small breasts, a fact which she emphasizes with her pasties. The male chest tends to be hairy and the female chest has more fatty tissue in the breasts, but really they are not so different. Both are sexy.
Testosterone and Estrogen create some basic difference, but society exaggerates those differences. The female and male chests are constructed through fashion. When fashion is not enough we intervene in our bodies through weight training and steroids for boys, and silicone implants for girls.


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