Jasper At the Tattoo Parlor

Posted: January 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

www.jasperswardrobe.com for more blogging about my transgender journey.

This is one of my favorite femme outfits. The color blocking is intense. A girl said she thought it was very Yves Saint Laurent, and that I should she the YSL exhibit at the De Young Museum. I was very flattered.
The shot was taken in a tattoo parlor which makes it the the perfect hip San Francisco shot.
I searched for a long time for a skirt which did not make me look frumpy. This is the perfect one. It is a long pencil skirt from American Apparel. It comes in many colors and can be worn knee length or as a mini depending on your mood.


I spent New Year’s Eve schmoozing with tranny friends at a queer sex party. The party was in a funky gay mens bathhouse. I played spin the bottle for the first time in my life and went upstairs a couple of times to witness some really rough girl sex, but I spent most of the time sitting in the lobby talking with a few friends while tranny boy porn played in the background.It was actually quite a sweet night.

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