Booty Shot : A Femme Manifesto Part I

Posted: January 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

I loved this outfit. I felt very sexy, but I was a little shy about publishing it. But hell, I am all about objectifying the male body as long as I am the one doing it to myself. I wore it to one of my favorite queerdo parties, ships in the night. Rebecca at Venus Superstar gave me the hand warmers, she is a total sweetheart and she makes very cool jewelery.
One of the themes of the Whipping Girl is the devaluation of femininity within our culture. I agree. We have collectively created a cult of the butch. In the straight world femme is devalued as artificial or weak by both chauvinists and feminists.
I have been surprised to find a reflection of this in dyke culture too. I hear over and over again that femme girls feel the need to ‘butch it up’. If they have long hair they are ‘straight’. They have to cut it off to get laid. What the hell is that about? I would expect femme to be celebrated in a womens space. In that sense High Femme is a political act of defiance.
The San Francisco dyke scene seems to be dominated by butch/femme culture, which I hesitate to describe due to ignorance on my part. It might be safe to say that women in this culture identify strongly with a butch or a femme pole and a relationship generally consists of one butch one femme. I quoted one girl from this culture in an earlier post as saying that butch on butch or femme on femme is a waste. I have repeatedly talked to women who have said "masculinity is privileged in our culture." Butches are more sought after than femmes. And tranny boys (FTMs) are also sought after, while tranny girls like myself are left out in the cold.
It is odd but I find dyke spaces to often have a decidedly masculine butch energy. I was hanging out at the local dyke bar recently and I noticed that I was by a long shot the femmiest girl there. Oh the irony.

  1. Michael H. says:

    Bold. No need to be shy. There is no reason to have your own blog if you can’t publish whatever you want. GO YOU!

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