Femme Street Fashion : A Femme Manifesto : part II

Posted: January 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

I took this shot at Heavy Rotation at El Rio
I love high femme and I think she does it well. For me it is a combination of sexiness and sophistication, and a keen understanding of vintage fashion. It is empowered and assertive.
I was at a gayboy dance club the other night and I noticed that I was the only ‘boy’ with earrings. When did gayboys stop wearing earring? I was the femmiest male-bodied person there as well (there were some femme straight girls). Mainstream gay culture is all about butch on butch. Where have all the faeries gone? Butch sometimes runs the show. The social relations of patriarchy are reproduced everywhere, in dyke, gay, trans and hetero culture.
Julia Serano’s trans woman feminist manifesto is very interesting. She is decentering the concept of misogyny.Following her we might define a form of misogyny as hate towards femininity rather than hate towards the female bodied. This misogyny is directed at femmes of all genders and sexual orientations. It can equally be produced by all.
We trans girls have an interesting place in this. We were born with butch entitlement and we have cast it off at great personal cost. I embrace femme. I find femme space and femme interaction to be the healthy life giving aspect of our culture. Femininity is worth fighting for and sacrificing for. A brutal form of false masculinity pervades Anglo-American culture. There will come a time when all of us of whatever gender and sexual orientation will be liberated from it.

  1. Clairanne says:

    I love your ideas. and your photos. thankyou

    From One Very High Femme

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