Jasper with his lovely hostess : Gendered Fashion Part I

Posted: January 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

The beautiful High Femme on the left hosted a fantastic Hanukkah party. Her dress is amazing. The fit is great. It is classically sexy by baring arms and shoulders, rather than legs. I love her jewelery, headpiece and attitude as well.
I am very pleased with my outfit as well. The play of blues and yellows with the bare shoulder is fun. When I saw the pic I thought "wow, total eighties."
I got the earrings at Piedmont on Haight street. The owner has been making them since the eighties when she would wholesale them to large chains. She has them in all of the colors of the rainbow and more.
The tights are American Apparel (tip: get a size smaller than you think you need. AA tights always stretch.)
The bag is from five and diamond.
I had a great time that night. The crowd was queer, sophisticated, beautiful and trans friendly. What more could you ask? Funny thing, in my mind I was in complete girl drag. But if I look at the picture I think genderqueer, circus, or performer of some sort. This outfit leaves the gender binary behind.
I am starting to experiment with non-binary outfits again. I am femme identified and I have been focusing on femme drag for a couple of months, but I am in a space where I am reorienting my drag. In an ode to Deleuze I would say that I have been on a path of ‘becoming-femme’, but it has started to feel stratifying rather than liberating. I want to explore gender mutation for a while. At this juncture I will ponder some recent gendered fashion choices. I will start with color in my next post.

  1. Kate Sloan says:

    You look absolutely gorgeous in this shot! My jaw dropped! Love the outfit.

  2. Jasper Gregory says:

    Thanks Kate, you are a sweetheart.

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