Jasper on Duboce : femme-male fashion part II

Posted: January 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

This was taken near Duboce Park. I like the colors. I think my jacket is an interesting body hugging boy element. I love the Ascott riding cap right now.
The legging are American Apparel, the yellow shirt is Old Navy.
Yesterday i started sketching my current view on male-femme fashion. To summarize the points from yesterday, I find the body hugging clothing emphasizes the femme curves that we have always already had. No hormones or surgery necessary, just the bodies we were born with. Baring shoulders and male cleavage is fun as well. It makes the same political statement, "this is what our bodies look like. Get used to it!"
For makeup I think simple eyeliner is interesting. I is andro, subtle, and gives the male-femmes a way of bring attention to our eyes. Eyes are genderless. Why should ours be any less showcased and flattered than those of female-femmes.
I like the double earring look for jewelery. There is a lot of room to play, if you can afford jewelery. I am looking for a nice modernist design that I can afford, but my hoops are great in the meantime.
Another important part is adding stylish boy elements. The elements say boy rather than man. In this I was inspired mainly by female-butch fashion. To me this separates male-femme from female-femme. It is a clear statement that the wearer is not identified as transsexual. It is gender fluid It does not incite the same backlash as when a male does female-femme drag. When I was going out more femme, I felt very accepted in a few spaces, and a lot of nervousness in many others. Whatever you think about it, it is a fact.
Regarding hair, I am going for boy. I think facial and chest hair are one of the most intense visual cues of masculinity. I feel my body is masculine enough without all that hair.
Lastly I think color is absolutely essential to my vision of male-femme fashion statements. Layering and mixing colors is too much fun to ignore. It has the added benefit of raising the middle finger to the chromatic ghetto of male-butch fashion.


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