Male Femme Fashion Part I

Posted: January 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

I am really happy with this look. I have a pair of American Apparel shorts over my tights which takes a little bit of femme edge off while letting me play with the colors and outlines of tights. I have a fitted jacket and ascott cap to add boyish elements. All in all this is an outfit I can wear anywhere in San Francisco without too much attention.
Since I started transitioning from butch to femme. I have tried on many labels. For the last couple of months I have been identifying as MTF (Male-to-Female). That is making me uncomfortable though lately. My gender is fluid. Sometimes a label like MTF can be liberating. Sometimes it is a cage. At the moment I am identifying as male femme. I feel like that is the underexplored quadrant of the male-female and butch-femme binaries. We know what female-butch looks like in both the gay and straight world. Let’s fuck with taboos and promote male-femme as a lifestyle choice.
So my question today, is “What do I want male-femme fashion to look like?” I like to be inspired by high femme, but through experimentation I have decided that much of high femme does not suit my body.
I think skirts and dresses can be fun for a party as drag, an intentional over-exaggeration, but for some reason I have found them often to be unflattering. My hips are narrow and my waist wide. I like clothes which show off the natural curves of my body. For me that means tights and leggings and some kind of shorts. Males have great legs and when we put on weight it spares our thighs and asses. If you are male and femme, flaunt your legs, it is a political act. The same goes for booty. The same goes for my shoulders and chest. I used to be ashamed of boat necks, now I love them.
Regarding makeup, I say go for eyeliner. It is subtle and it will bring out your eyes. It is also perfectly androgynous, so you will not stray into the realm of camp. My jury is still out with lipstick. I find it draggy and campy. At queer parties it is fun. Otherwise, i find it too loaded. Lipstick and skirts have a similar dynamic in my experience. They are so tied up with female that I feel avoided. People are no longer sure how to interact with me and thus avoid me. I feel like in lipstick or a dress I am communicating I am female-femme rather than I am male-femme.

To be continued….

  1. sublimefemme says:

    It’s great to see your male-femme style and activism. Hope you’ll stop by and visist me sometime at Sublimefemme Unbound. Here’s a new post you might find interesting:

  2. Jasper Gregory says:

    Thank you so much SF,
    I read that post and many others. I did not know there was a femme blogosphere. Thank you for including me. The concepts of gender galaxy are inspiring me today.

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