Boy as a Queer Male-Femme Gender

Posted: January 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

Boy as gender
I like the hoodie with the velvet jacket. It is not male-butch at all. It is femme but well suited to my male body. It is femme and boy simultaneously. The plunging neckline is femme to my mind, but I definitely see it in queer male fashion. The silhouette is kind of Edwardian boy’s clothes. Somewhere between sissy boy and dandy boy. I will choose another color for leggings next time. Forest green tights perhaps?
My hair is growing out long enough to be fun. I feel very glam when I put product in my hair. I am starting to hear Adam Ant and Rocky Horror Picture Show. Glam was a great period of gender liberation for males. It got rolled back by the Reagan Revolution, but it is great to have those fashion referents to play with.

I read the blog last night. It is great to read about other gender explorers. It is good to see confirmation of high femme as a queer gender. I have a big background in postmodern theory, but I am brand spanking new to the queer movement. I am going through a second adolescence as I find the place in the queer world that I feel comfortable (and where I am accepted). I am inspired by the discourse on micro-genders and gender galaxies though.
Yesterday I said that I did not want to identify as girl for the time being, but then i feel gendered by others as man. I am going to play with the gender “boy”. I am fascinated by this possibility. I can authentically claim this non-masculine gender, because I lived it for so many years. The years before my brain was addled by testosterone and my body was masculinized. I like it. The boy gender-fashion spectrum is huge. I like it as a way for males to flee the butch-male identity. There are all kinds of micro-genders to play with. Femmeboy, dandyboy, sissyboy or just boy. hink of it as an experimentation of male-bodied femme. Yay for performative gender!!

  1. Rikki says:

    When I first started coming out as transgendered, I wasn’t at all sure how far I wanted to go with it. From the perspective of being male all my life, it was quite a new, forbidden direction, albeit a very attractive one. I wasn’t sure what the risks were, how much of the time I wanted to be a woman, even how much of a woman I wanted to be. I was also quite broke at the time, and the classic crossdresser investments (quality wig and silicone breast forms, plus full make up, and at least enough of a femme wardrobe for a couple of appearances) looked forbiddingly expensive.

    For all these reasons, I decided to do androgynous instead. I could start where I was, and explore being a little femme, one step at a time.

    One of my first experiments was a small shoulder purse. How practical that turned out to be! It was so much easier than sitting uncomfortably on my wallet. It allowed me to carry a larger, much more practical wallet–one which included my checkbook and coins, as well as paper money and credit cards. I was soon carrying it everywhere I went. And it made, I felt, a delicious but subtle femme statement; one that I felt very comfortable with.

    One of my next experiments began with the radical thought one day that if I were to wear ultrasheer pantyhose under my shorts, no one would be the wiser! I tried it, and sure enough, no one noticed or cared. This soon became my off-work uniform, and I was going everywhere in pantyhose. When I began shaving my legs, I switched to a slightly darker shade, that from a distance, would simulate hairy legs. People began to notice, but only when they were up close. This was actually amusing to me, because their reactions indicated that they weren’t quite sure what they were seeing.

    Doing things like this, I began to notice that my self-confidence was growing. And in fact, it carried over to all aspects of my life, including work (where I was still dressing completely male, except for the purse which spent most of the time securely stashed in my desk). The greater confidence even resulted in pay raises!

    When I did start going out in full femme, I found that I had already developed the confidence needed to carry it off. Full femme, it turns out, was far less scary (and for me, more comfortable) than androgyny.

  2. sublimefemme says:

    Yay for sissyboys and dandyboys! Looking forward to the forest green tights 😉

  3. Wendygrrl says:

    Works for me… be a little daring once in a while..

  4. Cialis says:

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  5. Jasper Gregory says:

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