Jasper in street waif drag

Posted: January 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

I am playing with a different look here, androgynous street waif drag. This color (moss green?) is fantastic. I love the femme hoodie too. ($12 at Old Navy)I like the three more or less even blocks of color.

I have been experimenting with sidestepping the transsexual narrative. Basically that means wearing my male-femme fashion and identifying to others as ‘gender fluid’ and male-femme rather than as trans woman. It is rather disorienting. i feel that the transsexual narrative is based on the concrete reality of the categories man and woman. Gender fluidity or genderqueer is ‘accurate’, than saying ‘I am a woman.’ However, when i identify as trans woman my interlocutors have a space for me to be non-male. Their belief in transsexuality gives them a framework for understanding me. When i say I am gender fluid, I find that I am gendered as male. Maybe a feminine male, but a male. So paradoxically, people who are more versed in academic gender theory sometimes are less willing (able?) to interact with me as other gendered. Instead of debate the ‘truth’ of one theory or another, I would like to look at the practical effects of theory. Genderqueer is complicated, people are much more able to relate to me as woman than as someone claiming to be outside of the gender binary. The everyday politics of gender are endlessly complicated.

  1. julian says:

    I really like this outfit Jasper. It’s something I would happily wear, although perhaps without tights. But I only fear tights because they run. 😛

  2. Jasper Gregory says:

    Thanks julian. If you ditch the tights, get some knee high socks. I would love to see it on you. I would love to work as a stylist. Dressing people is hella fun.

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