Butch Yoga

Posted: January 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

I am so happy with the bicycle shorts and tights combo. It is very strange. I have been doing this combo with different colors all over town and it does not elicit any trans phobia that i am aware of. It is much less controversial than the tights and hotpants combo. even though it is more body hugging. I think it conveys the semiotic of guy shorts, even though it might as well be body paint. I feel sexy and I get a lot of attention from both queer and straight girls as well as no hate from straight men. In a way, I feel I have achieved the kind of sexy gender ambiguity that I originally aimed for.
Someone gave me some good advice.She said that that I should stop trying to find relationship at this time. I am too needy because of the genser explorations I am going through. I need to refind my center. So, last night I took good care of myself and went to yoga for the first time in ages. The class was fascinating. It was queer community yoga with Skeeter. It was a great cross section of the queer scene. I felt that it was mostly dyke, but there were a few male bodies in the crowd too. It was a nice experience to be part of the queer community in a supportive, life affirmative context. Up till now I have seen the queer community mostly in the context of dance parties, bars, and kink events. Parties are not always a good place for deep connections.
Skeeter is well known in Queer San Francisco for the Butch Yoga classes she used to give. Here is a blog post about her experiments with gender and yoga. I found it interesting.
The class style was butch for me in that it resembled a martial arts dojo. It was very Yang instead of the Yin flavor of many teachers. Everything was orderly and synchronized. She has a butch authority which allows her to keep order in a very, large and crowed class. It is interesting to see the concrete social effects of performative gender.
I found her style to be an example of what I like about positive mature Female-Butch energy. I find it strong and firm yet caring and supportive. It is paternal without getting into the testosterone induced sillyness of ego games and hierarchy forming. I found her energy charming. I think I now understand the attraction of having a butch ‘daddy.’
When I first joined the queer community I found butches scary. I was encountering very young butches who were drinking at bars. Some of them seemed to be exploring a masculine gender that I would call ‘asshole.’ Oh no, do we really need more wounded masculinity in the world?

  1. Sharon says:

    Jasper, my friend, so often I read and want to respond…. today, I HAVE TO… not only do I love this outfit and colors (so fabulous), but you look absolutely dear in this photo (such sweetness in your body language). Be well, dear friend. Sharon

  2. Jasper Gregory says:

    Thank you Sharon.
    Glad to hear from you on the blog. The photographer caught me in a candid moment. Those are always interesting.

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