Jasper at Sparky’s at 3AM

Posted: January 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

My tights are purple wool tights. I love them because they do not run, and what better color than purple. I like the hot pink, purple and green combo.
The gloves were $5 dollars at Old Navy. (Have I mentioned that I heart Old Navy?) I cut the fingers off myself.
When I was wearing this outfit I got cruised by a straight girl. I was writing at the bar at Sparky’s diner in the middle of the night. She walked up, started talking and invited me to her table with her friends. She said she was struck by my gender fluidity and masculinity. I had fun talking and went my own way an hour later.
I mostly enjoyed being cruised. This never happened when I presented as butch. Gender Fluidity also brings social fluidity, and that is sweet.

  1. JD says:

    YEAH, Fluidness of gender can mean access to new experience. Although sometime can mean new experiences can be positive and negative. I spent two months traveling as a boy in Europe hitchhiking around. Back in the 80’s I could pass with my flat top crew cut. It was fun but i knew that if I was found out to have a vulva and vagina it could mean trouble, harassment or rape. Had to be careful. I love that I live in SF and more often than not I get to celebrate my gender fluidity and people i hang with, celebrate my ability to move in a many gendered world.

  2. Jasper Gregory says:

    Goo to hear from you JD. That is an interesting story about hitchhiking as a boy. I would love to hear more. I envy girls who can pass as boys. I have learned a lot about sexual and gender politics by identifying as a girl, but I am sure passing is a very different experience than identifying.

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