Jasper at the Annual Capricorn Party

Posted: January 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

I attended a huge party in the Oakland hills. It is the event with a cross-section of beautiful people from many San Francisco Bay communities. My outfit was daring and it went down well. Looking at it now I see both a sexpot and a little boy in his p.j.’s. I was going for a gender fluid boy look. I had one dangly turquoise earring which you can barely see in the shadow.
I must have received 20 comments on my earring that night. I think it is a very interesting way of presenting genderqueer because no one knows what you are saying, but it intrigues many people and is a convenient conversation piece. I also got a few comments on my green color. Interestingly, not one person mentioned my leggings, though they are so slutty that I doubt anyone failed to notice.
Most of my conversation partners were bi men and bi women. When I have worn them to dyke parties I had many comments on the leggings.

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