Street Fashion – Oakland – Capricorn party

Posted: January 15, 2009 in Queer Fashion Pictures

SublimeFemme has defined high femme as ” a highly stylized form of femme gender expression that tends to privilege artifice over realness.”
In this context i find J.’s outfit very interesting. She is beautiful, very femme, and her costume privileges artifice, but she presents a different “queer gender” than the high femmes I have run into. High femme often seems to be very faithful to hollywood femme fatale dress conventions, whereas J.’s outfit is more postmodern in that it integrates goth and showgirl elements like the platform shoes and the glittery fabric. This mixing is very much in line with Burning Man type style experiments.
I am feeling that I am tending towards a definition of “High Femme” and indeed any “queer gender” that focuses on produced effects both on the internal self and in interaction with others.


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