Jasper at the Church Street Cafe : Gendered Cruising

Posted: January 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

I am on the fence on this experiment. I like the leggings, but I do not think they are integrated into the outfit. I have worn them to queer parties, but never on the street before.
Next time I will leave off the warmers, and maybe just stick to black and white. A white tee might be good.
I wore this outfit to dance at the the gay dance club Badlands. The leggings got me a little too much attention. One drunk guy just kept grabbing my hands and trying to talk.
I decided not to feel victimized by the attention I was getting and just maintain strong clear boundaries. That worked a lot better than running away.
As I write, I notice an interesting thing, when I dress overtly femme, men cruise with words, they try to start conversation and give me compliments. When I am not so obviously femme, I tend to be cruised with touch on the dancefloor. I would consider this an example of gendered cruising.


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