Jasper in ‘Trampy’ Formal Attire

Posted: February 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

Purple goes well with this jacket. The texture of the tights implies some kind f formality which gels with the jacket to make it look almost dressy. Dressy and trampy. It would be interesting to wear this to a formal cultural setting like an opera or dance performance.
I see it as a male equivalent to the little black dress. It is both formal and trampy. As I wrote in the blog post yesterday, being the object of desire is a position reserved for the female genders. I am interesting in appropriating that position for the male body. I want to look trampy too. Girls should get to own their desire and boys should be allowed to try to dress to awaken that desire. In a sex-positive world the male also gets to strive for the archetype of the temptress.

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