Post-Straight Riot Grrl

Posted: March 2, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2009, Queer Fashion Pictures

S. always has an interesting look. She is mixes patterns without overwhelming. Perhaps, because she is sticking to red, black, white.
The jacket is terribly interesting. I would wear everything here except the skirt. I like skirts on curvy hips, not straight hips like mine.

Punk gives an interesting palette of ideas to play with. I would label this look Straight Queer Riot Grrl. I have been taking more shots in ‘straight queer’ settings. To become postgendered we must transcend gender in all its facets, including the homo/hetero. Post gender leads me to post-maculinism, but it also implies post-fags, post-dykes and post-straights.


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