Getting Picked Up

Posted: March 4, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2009

I just had an aha experience. I started wearing eyeliner and earrings with otherwise Androgynous clothing. This is after taking a break for a few weeks.
This time around it is just a self-expression rather than the GenderQuesting of late. So, I am feeling relaxed and unaware of my gender presentation. The StraightButch woman next to me initiates contact and I feel like she is cruising me. It then occurred to me that the same thing happened yesterday at another cafe.
Wow… this is interesting. A few things occur to me:
* Both women directed a very flirty and very butch ‘energy’ towards me
* I do not know if they were trying to make friends or flirting. It occurs to me that women get this feeling all the time. As a straight man women very, rarely initiate contact with this intensity outside of parties.
* Perhaps the intensity of their gaze has to do with eye makeup. Eye makeup captures the gaze. It can be hypnotic.
* It is very interesting to see the difference Eye Makeup makes. I am wearing exactly the same clothes as the last two weeks, but suddenly I am being ‘read’ differently by some actors.
* Are they reading me as trans? Safe? Seductive?

  1. Stephanell says:

    They ARE trying to pick ya up, or whatever you crazy kids call it these days…believe me, I´m 40, goin bald, but wearing miniskirts (Blimey, me legs are sexy!) and pumps and such, and I get picked up by all sorts of women all the time.

    Just took me a while to realise it, likesay, I wouldn´t believe that women find me sexy.

    Liek your style and your schreibe and all. Keep it up, catboy!

    Cheerio and mahalo from Hamburg/Germany


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