Posted: March 9, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2009

Genderqueer is both very radical and the not radical.
When I started using Genderqueer in my blog (Jaspers First Outfits). I was only starting to de-center Gender. Trans Gender was loaded, but Genderqueer was safe. I had not dealt with my own internal Trans Phobia. Trans scared the shit out of me, but Genderqueer felt like a hip synonym for Androgynous.
Now I view genderqueer as something you become, by letting go of gender. But I think I had to explore the Transexual Identity and Transgender Identity before I could let go of the Gender Binary. In the terms of Gilles Deleuze, I needed to go through Becoming Woman in order to break out of and gain perspective on ‘Man’, not in order to arrive at ‘Woman’.
Now I truly feel genderqueer. I feel neither ‘Man’ nor ‘Woman’. I do not discriminate between gender roles and situated social roles. Unfortunately, the term Genderqueer does not always convey this call to action. That is why I have started to used a Self Defined term Post Gender.


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