Heterosexual Queer

Posted: March 10, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2009

Heterosexual queer is a term I saw in academic papers. I really like it. It is not lame like Straight Queer. In a sense it takes away the ‘shameful’ feeling associated with straight.
I remember a funny encounter with a friend. I said “This kind of sounds funny, but you know that by not identifying as a woman, that means i lose the lesbian label too.” “So what?” she asked. “That makes me straight!” She looked at me in mock horror and said “Oh no! don’t use the S-word.”
On the other hand Heterosexual Queer sounds transgressive. Queering the Heterosexual Male and the Heterosexual female. That is an interesting project. We get to explore gender too, which really undermines the Hetero Patriarchy.
I am using the term Heterosexual broadly to include Bisexual and Pan Sexual people.

  1. Jasper Gregory says:

    This post is actually a series of 5 short interconnected wiki posts. I wrote them together and in relation to one another. Defining by relationship gives me the author many more possibilities than a linear text.

    Please take a look at this one and give a little feedback.

    I know the posts need pictures. I am working on that.

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