Scene Identities

Posted: May 25, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2009

I like the blue pants (forever 21) and shirt (cotton basics) combo. The green hoodie (royal navy) looks like a vest under the jacket. This MaleFemininity look depends on a tightly fit jacket. Guys, try on the women’s jackets in the vintage shops. The American men’s jackets are cut to hide the body.

My original intention in writing was to make Male Femininity visible. The Culturally Intelligible choices for BioBoyFemmes are miserly. Each scene (see Caste Politics) has its constrained Bio Boy Femme identities.

Straight Scene – Bioboy Femmes in straight culture are read as InTheClosetFags. It is unbelievably crash to gossip about Feminine StraighBoys sexually. I hear it all the time. “He is gay but he does not know it.” No, he is (probably) not. He is a femme. Deal with it! It is this thing about labeling people who do not fit as confused. It reifies and strengthens SceneIdentities.
Straight Scene Tran Sexual – The fucked up thing about the Tran Sexual Scene Identities for BioBoyFemmes is the Tran Sexual Narrative and its embrace of the Gender Binary. You are required to prove yourself a “real woman”. Everyone can police your gender, if they chose to label behavior masculine. Then you have Post Gendered people like me saying we don’t believe there is such a thing as “real woman”, and that they are internalizing a fictional gender. This leaving aside the serious handicaps on the job market and loss of personal safety on the streets.

Dyke Scene Trans Dyke – The pressure to prove your womanhood is much more intense in the Dyke Scene than in the Straight Scene, because if you are “unmasked” then you become a male intruder in a Bio Separatist space. I feel like transdykes are always at risk of social humiliation and exile in a Dyke Scene space.

Gay Scene Drag Queen – This one would not satisfy me, because of the social convention that it is an act. It parodies the construction of Femininity. This gay Scene Identity does have room for fluid gender. Like the Tran Sexual identities, it is founded on the Gender Binary. Every time I bring up gender, the response is swift and adamant. “I am a Boy!”No if ands or buts. The attitudes towards women and Trans Women are kind of phobic in the Gay Scene.

Fag Scene Femme Boy – Gender variant faggy FemmeBoys to have it alright, but there is a lot of Gay Scene prejudice against being faggy. I need to get some personal accounts of this Scene Identity. One issue I have with the identity is the more or less mandatory gay sexuality.


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