Straight Fag Fashion Statement

Posted: May 25, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2009

In this post I am expressing myself as StraightFag. All of the clothes are marketed to women but fit me just fine.
– The pants are a find at Forever 21 for $20. They had 8 colors.
– I got my avocado shirt for a pittance at target. The color is hard to match, but when it does like with the ruby red jacket it is fantastic.
– The red velvet coat has massive eighties shoulder pads. The fit is not perfect, they expected me to have breasts. I should move the button.
I only have one earring here. I lost the other one. This falls easily within straight men’s clothing.
This low key expression of my femininity saves me a lot of hassle, but I am still read as interesting and eccentric, which draws other eccentrics.
It has been a tumultuous time. I am dispaying my "Imagining Male Femininity" set in a gallery next month. I am crazy excited. Thanks to everyone at flickr for your kind support of my earlier work.
I have decided to blog on Flickr again so this is my first post. See "Jasper’s Photo Blog" photoset for future posts. I decided that I like to be tied down to a photo. It gives a context to my words.

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