Posted: May 28, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2009

I like the outfit, but the photo is washed out. This oufit is a bit of Gender Activism on my part. It says "Boys have legs too."
Girly Purple Boybeater (Cotton Basics, they have great colors)
Hotpants (Bargain bin in the girl’s section of Mervyn’s)

It is funny, boy’s thighs are transgressive except in sports outfits. Femininity is partly constructed by prohibiting boys to show their "Figures". We have labeled the normal human body as feminine and we pretend that boys do not have one, unless boys do body modification through working out.

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Def: An openness to intimacy and affection, with only one Biological Sex. This is paired with phobic reactions to intimacy with the wrong sex.
related: Mono Sexualopposite: Pan Sensuality
see also: Bi Sexual, Pan Sexual
May 28 2009 I feel that both gay and straight social scenes are organized around Compulsory Monosensuality. This roots gender and gives it seeming permanence. “Official” Homosexual and Heterosexual identities are both heavily invested in performing dimorphic gender. Your gender must be broadcast, and you must put everyone in a gender box before you meet them. If they are a boy you apply one set of judgments and behaviors. You reserve the other set for girls. God forbid that anyone thinks that you are Gay/Straight or failing at Man/Woman. You would lose your identity and social place.This leads to separation and ignorance between gendered identities and social scenes. This explains Queer Gender Essentialism and separatism. This is what is keeping us all from moving forward.

Linked from:Pan Sensuality

  1. R says:

    I must agree with you on the issue of how modern society forces boys to be masculine and denies them the right to do anything feminine, while at the same time encouraging females to break out of gender roles.

    The noted, former sportswriter Joan Ryan wrote a great piece (way back in 1998) entitled, Boys to Men. You can find it here:
    The really sad thing is that since 1998, practically nothing has changed as far as the status of men and femininity. I consider myself a feminine straight male; most people take me as gay because I like feminine things; but I am not. I have no interest in males as sex partners, and all of my partners have been genetic females. Some have even posited that I should consider transitioning sexually (MTF) because I would make a great femme lesbian . . .
    We’ll have to see about that . . .

  2. R says:

    I forgot to say, my favorite line from the article is this:

    “Just as women are now allowed to be more like men, it’s time men were allowed be more like women. ”

    Maybe someday . . . but probably not in my lifetime.

  3. Jasper Gregory says:

    Thanks for the link. It is a good article, and yes it is very sad that not much has changed since 1998. I feel like it won’t be solved until we come to a new post-feminist consensus. Boys are still stuck with the roles of the 1950’s. take a look a QuietRiotGirl’s blog. She and Mark Simpson are the only peeps I have found who consistently write about this stuff.

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