Dandy in knickerbockers and tights

Posted: July 15, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2008

I like the composition of this pose. The movement moves in an s-shape.
this is a Dandy look with Knickerbockers and woolen tights from H&M
A purple V-neck form old navy gives the illusion of a vest.

I started sporting facial hair as a genderqueer political statement that feminine does not mean female. I noticed that boys don’t give me shit about tights or eyeliner if I have facial hair. They do not read me as transexual, and I do not get transphobia.
Unfortunately queer girls do not read me as trans either so I am less accepted in that scene as well.
Basically, it seems you have to choose transphobia from the straight guys or guyphobia from the queer girls.

Basically straight guys get upset if I dress sexy in a way that turns them on. It troubles the straight identity. It freaks them out, and leads to all these trans-panic episodes, where guys kill transwomen who have flirted with them.
So, I am in a situation that every girl knows. You have to cover up or the guys will harass you on the street. They can’t be expected to control their lust and passions.
Any guy who presents as a women and experiences sexual harassment will have a feminist awakening. I guarantee it.


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