Sexy Femmeboy : My kind of Femininity

Posted: July 17, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2008

July 17 2009
Hi sweeties,
This was my outfit a couple of days ago. It is summer in San Francisco, so I get to wear my cute shorts and feel like a supermodel with my crazy long legs.
Everything is from the (young) women’s unless otherwise stated:
* Shorts vintage (crossroads on market) For boys the choice is how much thigh to show. Thigh is sexy and gender transgressive for american boys, but watch out that the boys don’t beat you up. I would not wear these in some places (tenderloin at night).
Boybeater – $20 at cotton basics, (local store, fantastic color choices )
Jacket vintage velvet girl cut (easy to find, in lot’s of uniforms)
Boy shoes from Tsubo (they no longer make nice boy shoes, Boo hoo)
Beard and thighs, Mine – This is both my raised middle finger to both fashion and my challenge to trans-femme fashion.

b.t.w I may be moving into the Northern California countryside. I wore my shorts in the town of Petaluma, people stared… a lot…. I did not get hate though. More how they would treat someone with a lot of tattoos I think.

  1. Cheryl says:

    In the countryside (or even in Marin) they’d bore the pants off you, and not in the good way!

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