What is transphobia?

Posted: July 20, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2008

July 20th 2009I love this one. I was very bossy with two of my friends in order to get the right shot. This has been my sartorial persona for the past week.

Girly shorts American Apparel, but honestly AA’s pants and shorts do not have enough spandex. They are expensive, they wrinkle, stretch out and lose their color too quickly.

Girly Boy Beater – Cotton Basics Large, I have this shirt in about eight colors. (these lose color as well, no spandex. Hand wash these guys.)- Girly socks H&M. H&M has packets of socks in different colors.

Basically I am taking the same liberties as so many other girls do. I am showing my whole legs and wearing shorts that show off my ass. In a sense I am splitting Being The Object Of Desire off from Reproductive Dimorphism. The straight girl’s sense my gender difference and the boys in Dolores Park do not hate (too much) on me.I am communicating gender without triggering (too much) Trans Phobia.Trans Phobia is an effective way of policing Male Femininity out of the public view. In my view straight male Trans Phobia and Straight Male Homo Phobia are the same thing. it is Male Masculinity’s fear of its own attraction to Male Femininity. Gay and straight are overly simplistic ways of labeling anyone’s sexuality. Mono Sexuality is a myth. Straight Male Masculinity is always fragile because it is located where the myth of Binary Sexuality meets the myth of Binary Gender. Male Femininity is banished in order to help this dominant caste to create a Safe Space for its identity.

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  1. ollda97 says:

    Thank you for this, I have been looking for blogs that discuss issues of transphobia, homophobia and spell it out critically. I miss urban spaces because of the greater freedom in them to disrupt gender norms.

  2. Jasper Gregory says:

    Thanks Ollda, I agree that urban is good for that. I am wary of my upcoming stint in the countryside. I am glad you like the blog. The links go to my queerpedia wiki there is plenty more over there. Do you agree with my linking of transphobia and homophobia?

  3. ollda97 says:

    Well, isn’t there some sexism wrapped up in male trans phobia?

  4. ollda97 says:

    What I mean by sexism–I had to cut off my message because I had to sign off–is that from what I take from a possible perceived difference is the way each are viewed. Straight men are afraid of gay men because they’re ‘afraid of being desired.’ With their fear of mtf’s and transwomen, besides ‘misprofiling,’ they’re afraid of what not being able to distinguish would mean for them. Because then social norms would be proven a load of crap and then they couldn’t be like “I’m straight.” I don’t know if this is a good explanation, because I am still mulling it over. I like the food for thought, though.

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