On Being One of the Girls

Posted: July 21, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2008

This is a fun celebratory outfit. I love the yellow and the lavender. The jacket is an old eighties girly thing, that I bought from a local designer for $5 bucks.
In spite of the color it is not a very girly look. More dandy or its modern day incarnation of pimp.

July 21 2009I have blogged extensively about Feminine Markers in the past. I am thinking about it today. I have never blogged it, but I have noticed that I get integrated easily into young packs of straight girls. It happens when I am taking photos in the park. Somehow, when I lose my gender markers I lose my age markers as well (does that sound strange). The alpha girl will invite me in, and the other girls treat me like one of them, which is sweet.Part of the novelty is that I am integrated as the new girl, so the other girls feel free to act like my big sister, in a way that just never happened in a boy identity and certainly not in a man identity. My own perception of my age keeps me from “going native.” But I see young Trans Women integrating into these groups and I envy them. The new generations are much more open than mine.

Linked from:This Place Is So Straight, Boys Are Annoying

  1. g531 says:

    Younger individuals are often more inclusive, true, but one thing I have learned transitioning from a large urban center to a small town, is that location also matters.

  2. Jasper Gregory says:

    I am heading up to smallish town next week. I have to admit it scares me.

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