Gender Abolitionist

Posted: July 23, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2008

I love this shot. I like the intentionality with which she constructs her drag persona.

Def: Gender Abolitionist
Social Constructivist, Post Feminist, Post Queer movement to abolish the Gender Dichotomy.

July 23 2009
I appropriated this term from an internet profile. I believe that the phenomena we label masculinity and femininity are complex, overlapping, and distributed across both male and female bodies. Gender Abolition is related to the Second Wave Feminism attempt to abolish gender expression and aim for an androgynous, genderless society. Contemporary Gender Abolition fights the Gender Dichotomy rather than gender expression. Expressing identity through fashion is drag. It is all drag. Power operates by conscribing sartorial expression and thus public identity. Enlarging my range of drag expression takes more control of the range of identities and subject positions I can take.

Linked from:Transgender Politics

  1. g531 says:

    Food for thought. How then does ‘gender’ performance translate in the work place? That’s a question I continuously grapple with, given light that ‘performing gender’ as I see fit subjects me to hostile work environments, while performing in the way I see fit sets me up for disrespect, tokenization–in part because of my ethnic identity.

  2. Jasper Gregory says:

    hey G,
    My working theory is that the range of genders you are allowed to perform are policed, but also conscribed by what is ‘culturally intelligible’ within a social institution. As a male-bodied individual I can add feminine markers. Instead of projecting straight white man, they may switch to gay white man. In a hostile environment they may switch to fag, dangerous pervert, or they may strip me of humanness.
    Part of gender abolition (for males) is to expand the boundaries of non-masculine behaviors and expression that I can exhibit without policing. Right now I am feeling one part confrontation for three parts explanation.

  3. g531 says:

    hmm, what do you mean by one part confrontation for three parts explanation? Not being understood or encountering indifference and hostility based on your explanations?

  4. Jasper Gregory says:

    When I express my femininity by in a wild and colorful way I feel great, and I meet a lot of women friends who support my expression. At the same time I get an avalanche of hate and disrespect, because I am confronting men’s identities.
    It is sad but true. So, I settle for much more ambiguous markers which are read as gay male. Then I explain, “no I am not gay I am a straight feminine male.”
    I guess I am pseudo stealth genderqueer now. I pass as a gay man. It is not that I reject confronting ignorance and bigotry, I just am scared to confront it alone.

  5. neonthreadsclothing says:

    Interesting views, I really like this blog!

  6. KittyBarber says:

    You can’t be a post-feminist until the post-patriarchy. You can’t claim that gender is a thing of the past when people are oppressed by it. Sorry, dear, but what you have here is a failure to comprehend what sexism is about. I’m guessing that this is because you are a male who dresses in feminine clothing and pretends to be a woman; you retain all the power and privilege that comes with being male, but have fun playing at being a female.

    How nice for you. Too bad it doesn’t apply to the rest of the world. You must have “sex” and “gender” confused. They are not the same thing. Sex is biological and very real. Females are different than males. Gender, on the other hand, is a set of expectations, rules, and roles imposed on males and females. It, too, is real, and exists, but unlike sex, it can be abolished.

    Go back to Biology class in high school. You must have missed it. It will explain where babies come from and all that stuff. Stuff about sex. NOT GENDER. ‘K?

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