Don’t blame your husband blame yourself!

Posted: August 3, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2008

This fascinating ad deserves a serious reading. Basically, Lysol was selling their prodoct as a vaginal douche by making women feel bad about their bodies, blame themselves for marital unhappiness. This is where heteropatriarchy and corporate capitalism come together.
Blaming Women

  1. Tess Eract says:

    I will believe that gender equality has arrived when I see a whole aisle full of masculine hygiene potions across from the feminine ones.
    It can’t be good for anyone’s brain, hearing that message that while your parts are subject to bad odors, the other sex doesn’t have to worry about theirs, which presumably are clean and fresh by nature.
    (Yeah, right.)
    We could save a lot of shelf space if we just came up with a unisex deodorant…call it “The Pit and The Pendulum.”
    But seriously, it’d be even better to just quit making people feel bad about themselves. Thing is, those who profit from others’ insecurities would have to learn some other way to make a living. Maybe they could come up with an inhaler that temporarily takes out your sense of smell, and everyone could use it, and no one then would think they smelled worse than anyone else, and the problem would be solved! (Joke…)
    Thanks for kicking this out into the daylight, and for other insightful posts.

  2. Jasper Gregory says:

    This ad is also interesting because it came from an early time in corporate capitalism when the marketers first discovered Freud. Marketers were figuring out how insecurities to create artificial demands. So, some guy at Lysol decided to convince women that no one could love them as they were and that they were ‘unclean’, and that their uncleanliness was the cause of unhappiness in their marriage.
    Those evil bastard were trying to promote mass neurosis in other to sell their damn product.

  3. yohami says:

    Jasper, you just described modern advertising as well

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