A Brain Scientist says There is Only One Sex: Female

Posted: August 7, 2009 in Troll Wars

If you watched my last video post you know that Zoe Brain pointed me in the direction of some great brain science.

[M]any people are essentially Bi-Gendered, and would be able to function in either a male or female role, as circumstances dictate. Relatively few are strongly gendered, but for those that are, it’s unchangeable.

Zoe Brain

Zoe’s site seems to be an excellent resource for original source brain science. This is important because the mass media channels and many activists interpret the findings for us, always inserting a binary, because they cannot see the world through a postgendered perspective.

Zoe’s quote dovetails with the pieces that I read from Veronica Drantz, see Drantz shows how the new science refute the binary
Drantz’s non-binary model of sexual development

Drantz’s pieces are important to me, because they show that Penis/Vagina, Man/Woman and Gay/Straight dichotomies are social interpretations of non-dichotomous biological data.

Carefully parse the newspaper, television, and blog representations of this biological data. The “neutral observers” reinject a man/woman dichotomy as they “put it in terms we can understand.”

So, some people are strongly feminine-identified and some are strongly masculine identified. The rest of us are both feminine and masculine identified to various degrees.

This opens up the possibility that bi-genderedness is actually the most common. It might be in a bell curve distribution. The reason cultures and sub-cultures want two genders/sexes/sexual-orientations, is because language and culture operates in terms of binaries and polices difference.

Social- Constructionist Transfeminism can synthesize these brain theories in the following way:

  • Man and Woman are a social construction and a false dichotomy
  • The binary dichotomies of gender, sex and sexuality are social accomplishments.
  • The binaries are imposed upon real gender/sex/sexuality spectra.
  • Female and Male are not equivalent There is a beginning of the spectra with our original embryo (feminine, androphile with ovaries), but there is no fixed endpoint. We are all androgenized Females, but the degree of androgenization differs to large degrees (see Drantz if this makes your brain hurt.)
  • To reiterate, do not reinstatiate the binary as two poles. Think of the spectra as vectors not as dyads.
  • Male and Female are not equivalent. Female is an actual embryonic point of departure. Male is only a theoretical destination produced by language and culture produced through our need to project two equal halves on a divergence. In fact if Drantz is right is only one sex namely female. What we have referred to as Male is a Female altered by prenatal androgens.

In Drantz’s terms I could speak of myself in the following way.

I was most I was most androgenized along the lines sexuality. My embryonic starting point was androphile through androgens I have become almost completely gynophile. My Gynophilia was an impetus to break out of the prison of Male social roles.

In terms of body sex I feel bi-sexed to some degree. My embryo only made a partial journey towards maleness. My father and I are of similar stature, but my bone structure is extremely delicate compared to his. I grew facial hair very sparsely until my thirties.

In terms of Sexual Identity I would have to say my lived experience is that it does not exist. I do not feel either man or woman. My gender changes completely based upon how genderered the social space is around me.  I become a girl when I am accepted into a group as one of the girls. For me it is interaction. From the viewpoint of Zoe Brain, this would mean that i was just part of the broad bi-gendered middle, rather than one of the less common individuals who has a strong sex identity.

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