Feminism and Brain Sex 1: A Boy is Castrated and Raised as a Girl

Posted: August 25, 2009 in Troll Wars

I read through the recent evidence for behavioral brain sex, and interpret it from a feminist viewpoint. In Part 1 a boy has his penis cut off during a circumcision. The doctors castrate him and raise him as a girl, but very strong male typical behaviors still arise.

keywords: circumcision, feminism, genderassignment, biologicaldeterminism, socialconstructivism, empiricalresearch, suicide,johnjoan, miltondiamond, hormones, behavior, adrogens, fetal, prenatal, castration, penis

  1. g531 says:

    The intervention of medicine at an early age to define one’s gender is scary and troubling, that it’s still being done serves more the parents than the child. I remember a television show that discussed it a couple years ago–a child raised as a boy because the genitalia was more predominant–and because he/sie played with dolls with one of the other characters and her father, a doctor, inquired, the parents were compelled to send the child to boarding school to avoid gossip…intense.
    on a separate note, did you read my response to your response?

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