On Being Behaviorally Female: Feminism and Brain Sex 2

Posted: August 29, 2009 in Troll Wars

In part two. Gendered behavior affinity is biologically imprinted. I read the evidence.
I find the Hines study very convincing. In essence nature provided a double-blind case study of the effects of masculinization on girl play behavior.
Because of the natural control group, the influence of culture has been controlled for in an experiment. I believe that Hines et al. have proven the biological basis for male-typical play behaviors being biological and caused by fetal androgens. These behaviors are the biological basis for gender variance.

keywords: feminism, mtf, ftm, brainscience, hormones, transgender, intersex, toys, play, boys, girls, androgens, hines, zucker, miltondiamond

  1. […] to make transsexual and no-ho transgender into a biological division. As I have reported in my Feminism and Brain Sex video series, Serano’s subconscious sex has no basis in empirical biology. What we are […]

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