A Video Critique of Victim Transfeminism

Posted: September 7, 2009 in Troll Wars

I critique the victim transfeminism which claims to represent transwomen.

keywords: victimfeminism, transfeminism, Transgender, Lesbian, MTF

  1. […] Monica has gotten a lot of pushback using the discourse of Victim Transfeminism For instance jayinchicago states: “Stealth” trans people didn’t create cissexism, and they/we […]

  2. Stephanie says:

    Oh no!! Lesbians have been unfair to some poor man!! Take to the streets!! Man the barricades!!!

    Get over yourself.

  3. Jasper Gregory says:

    I want to thank Stephanie for being an example of exactly what I was talking about. Within victim feminism the man and the transwoman is always the oppressor. I the man is queer or transgender, it makes no difference. we are the “other”.

  4. cassandraspeaks says:

    The problem that you seem to be having with this Jasper, is in my opinion due to a resitance on your part to accept that those who are not simply questioning wether they “may” perhaps be transsexual or not but are darn sure they are women are not happy that our space is being invaded. It is not the invasion of it’self that is the problem it is the incidental damage that invasion does. One of the clear indicators of genuine transsexual syndrome is the conviction and absolute surety that we are women/female (and vis versa of course). Curiosity and gender bending is not a qualification and neither is efeminacy in homosexual activity or lifestyle.
    It’s fine for you or anyone else to explore the condition but dictating to those who do experience the syndrome how we should define it will not endear you too us.
    The reason you have perhaps had bad experiences in approaching transsexual women is a result of the poor experiences we have had over the years and pretty much all of us do not trust the sincerity of those approaching. We’ve been deceived, used and abused far too many times to trust easily. Being gay and effeminate does not qualify as transsexual in any way shape or form. However else any one wishes to identify is their own business.

  5. Stephanie says:

    What arrogance!! You’re a man – you look like a man, you speak like a man, you act like a man, and above all you have a man’s body. Why on earth do you imagine a lesbian – or any woman for that matter – is going to consider you as anything other than a man? Just because you call yourself “transgender”, wear earrings and pink top, and back it all up with some half-assed pseudo-academic theory?

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